Weir. A digital product and user experience agency.

We empower brands to build, launch, and grow through web design, development, and consulting.

When companies need help with product design, strategy, and development — they come to us.

Achieve your organization's goals through our suite of technology development and consulting services.

Website Design

Every company needs a website. Through our UX-driven design approach, we are able to tell your brand's story with a custom and responsive website. Our team works across all industries and disciplines to design websites, e-commerce stores, apps, and enterprise software.


Our mission is to bring your ideas to life. As a full-stack design and development team, we collaborate with companies to develop comprehensive front-end and back-end solutions, e-commerce platforms, apps, and websites that effectively address real-world challenges.

User Experience

We prioritize UI/UX in the design and development of our top-tier digital products. Our team focuses on creating exceptional usability, enhancing conversion rates, and maximizing customer engagement throughout the entire process. At the same time, we fully embrace your brand's unique personality, ensuring that the final product is a true representation of your business.

Digital Concierge

We strive to be your brand's personal assistant, leveraging our expertise in your business' needs. As an on-demand contact, we can provide prompt answers to your questions, directly train your staff, and implement scalable processes. Our goal is to help you overcome day-to-day challenges and propel your business's digital growth to new heights.

Product Management

Our team collaborates with every level of an organization to ensure that its processes are in line with the strategic goals. We design and implement process architectures that support the achievement of these goals. We also establish process measurement systems that are aligned with the organization's objectives and organize teams to enable them to effectively manage these processes.